A number of undergraduate students with an interest in venture capital & startups have reached out looking for the best news sources on the VC industry. The same goes for investment bankers, startup employees (“operators”), former founders, and people of a variety of backgrounds looking to make the switch into venture. Regardless of your background or motives, if you’re looking for the best ways to stay up-to-date on all things venture & startup related, I strongly believe Twitter is your best starting point.

Part I: Make a Twitter / Up Your Twitter Game

Twitter can change your life

Twitter has emerged as the ideal environment (IMO) to follow leading VCs, digest their thought leadership in real time, and to build your own presence by engaging with the VC Twitter community. To understand the power of Twitter, check out the success of David Perell:

By creating a business teaching people to write and launching a podcast, combined with clever content creation & networking on Twitter (!!!), Perell used leverage to become a global voice with over 50,000 Twitter followers and was even featured on Off the Chain, a podcast run by VC Anthony Pompliano. Hopefully his story sells you on the value proposition of making and establishing a brand on Twitter. If you’re just starting out, this guide should help you get off the ground with a new account:

Recommended at 2x speed

Part II: Follow the best VCs

To stay up to date on VC, what could be better than digesting all of the thoughts/opinions of the best VCs, interacting with them directly, and hunting down the news they reference? This was impossible in the early days of VC when the industry was opaque and kept behind closed doors. But now, the internet (and Twitter in particular) gives you unfiltered access to the thoughts, opinions, and daily lives of iconic venture investors. You’d be negligent if you weren’t at least reading/following their activity, let alone interacting with them.

To get into the digital “inner circle” of VC, I suggest you follow these VCs/Angels and turn on notifications for all of their tweets. This list will keep you up-to-speed on VC in real time:

Disclaimer: NOT an order of “rankings”

It’s called Benchmark for a reason

The internet? He kind of invented it

The King of OKRs

Finding needles in a haystack

Famous blog. Many books.

Fred’s avc.com is the best VC blog

Probably the most famous angel

FoundersFund → Long Journey

Narrative Violations → amazing outcomes

Shark with a lengthy portfolio

Invented this whole Twitter thing

Long bio. Many books.

The “Venture Twins”

Very insightful

Views from Both Sides

500 not 300

She’s sort of done everything

Connected the world

Jedi equivalent of a Founder & VC

20Minutes not 60 Minutes

Early to the whole “computer” thing

One word: Techstars

A Pillar of the Founder Community


Angel engineering Growth

Keepin’ it Off the Chain

GV → Plexo

Andreessen Horowitz; multiple books

Highly credentialed but anti-credentialism

Unscaled thesis

Come for the knowledge. Stay for the memes.

Again, the name Benchmark is earned not given

ChapterOne (not to be confused with this)

OG Venture Capitalist

At the speed of light

Emergence; empathy

Giving you a boost

Helping you buy stuff

AngelList; Philosopher

Coinbase; Angel

Underscore; Angel

An obvious one to follow

Takes a village to (fund)raise a startup

OG Founder & VC

Shuman the Shoeman

Sharing secrets of venture capital

Sarcasm meets Genius IQ

Equity Podcast; prepare to laugh

Homebrew not Cold brew

Master of High Growth

SV Angel → Refactor

From front page of the web to Initialized

Prev. Naturebox; a rising star in the brightest star cluster

Shoes → Sequoia

PayPal. OpenTable. A16Z.

1st Round Draft Pick

Trendy; Kleiner Perkins → Bond

At the speed of light

A fund for founders; he was on that list

lowercase only

Again, the name Benchmark is earned not given


Prepare to laugh

If you’re still reading, you now have an excellent Twitter feed which keeps you informed of developments in the venture capital space in real time (can’t emphasize this enough). It’s fascinating to go from reading about your VC idols in articles to seeing what they’re up to day-to-day and dissecting their thoughts. You will learn an incredible amount by doing so. You’ll also probably be the first to here about job opportunities (within VC and with portfolio companies).

Part III: Leverage the “Following” feature

In addition to all the advantages outlined above, a hidden advantage of following the best VCs on Twitter is that you can see who they follow. Although Twitter has its own algorithm recommending who you should follow, it’s not the best method of finding great accounts. The total arbitrage play is to go to the account of one of your favorite VCs and follow the people they follow. In fact, a majority of the VC Twitter accounts that I used for this list came from scanning Semil Shah’s following list:

After clicking into the “850 Following” highlighted above, I was able to find a ton of top-tier VCs to add to my following list. You can use the strategy of (1) “follow everyone they follow” or (2) “follow the coolest people they follow” and either one should help you quickly grow to a meaningful list of accounts followed.

Part IV: Interact (Like, Retweet, & Comment)

Source: Here (Also a good read)

There’s no golden rule for how to interact with the VCs on Twitter, but the golden rule itself is probably worth keeping in mind at all times (disclaimer: Twitter is notorious for leading to battles so try not to be trigger happy and remember that you want to feel okay with your Tweets well into the future). Start by simply liking Tweets that really resonate with you, and as you being to feel more comfortable, retweet, retweet with comments, leave regular comments, and tag people. As time goes on, the process will feel fluid and you’ll be well on your way to getting noticed in the wild, wild west of VC Twitter.

Now start Tweeting!

You can block but you can’t hide

Investor at MassVentures, BCO Board Member, & Stanford UIF Alum. Previously at Greenspring Associates & JKS Ventures. Elon ’18. | All opinions my own

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