The Future is Unstoppable (Domains)

Matt Snow
5 min readMar 20, 2020

Unstoppable Domains and the rise of the Decentralized Web / Web 3.0

The future is unstoppable. Unstoppable Domains that is:

Welcome to the new internet — “Web 3.0” as its called. This is a more decentralized internet that will protect free speech. It will also unlock trillions of dollars in value. It’s all thanks to the application of blockchain technology to the standard web domain architecture:

What are Blockchain Domains?

Blockchain Domains — just as the name implies — are domain names (just like .com or .org) but are stored on blockchains. Their primary use cases are:

(A) Simplifying Crypto Payments

(B) Building Uncensorable Websites

Why is this so important?

Unstoppable Domains and its core technology, blockchain domains, are extremely important for two reasons. The first reason, if you haven’t already noticed, is…

The Internet is sort of “broken” right now:

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