A Book Review of #BreakIntoVC

The Best Resource for Students Pursuing a Career in VC (Updated 04/13)

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“I keep everything open source because that’s how you scale. I see no need to keep this all to myself”

Source: Medium

There are many books you read just once — this is not one of them.

Of all the books I’ve read, I could name on one hand the books I’ve re-read multiple times. #BreakIntoVC is on that special list. The sections on accounting, financial metrics, and venture math helped me decode the jargon of venture into understandable pieces. I found Bradley’s explanations so useful that I referenced the book for my undergraduate research on VC.

Check Out Roll

If you enjoy the book (and especially if you’re interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency) then you should check out Bradley’s company Roll, which he describes as “a protocol for social money.”

Investor at MassVentures, BCO Board Member, & Stanford UIF Alum. Previously at Greenspring Associates & JKS Ventures. Elon ’18. | All opinions my own

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